Lazio invaded Saint Torino 2-1 to seize the Serie A crowd

03 Jul

Battle Soccer Serie A Serie A Italy on Tuesday night, June 30, the last defenders Torino team of 14 recent form to beat Cagliari 2-4 game to guard the nest for the visit of a donkey. Sio, second in the crowd, just beat Fiorentina 2-1 in this game. If Simone Inzaki's attacking team wins, they will only push the Juventus team to one point.

The results showed that the game did not start soon, becoming Torino, who took the penalty when Shiro Imobile played a handball and received a yellow card before Andrea Belotti could not be killed. Missed the lead by 1-0.

23rd minute Lazio had a golden chance to take back Sergei Milovicovic-Savic. Pay to go through to let the mobobile slip into the right. But the ball hit the crossbar unfortunately

At the end of the first half, the visiting team had a chance to win when Manuel Lassari opened the ball to Marco Paro. Headed off, it didn't pass.

Into the second half, Lazio rivalry 1-1 in the 48th minute. From the moment that Luis Alberto passed through to let Imobile to shoot left with no net left in the left.

After trying for a long time In the end, the visiting team overtook 2-1 in the 72nd minute, when Imbilele paid Marco Paro to shoot right in front of the penalty area, passing through Siririco.

From then, although the home team will try to retrieve the door back. But did not finish the game. Lazio stormed out to win 2-1 with Torino to win three points to 68 points, following the crowd of Juventus just one point, but played more than one game, Torino held the rank. 14. Same thing, with 31 points, more than the 6-level relegation zone.

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